Revolutionizing Tradition: How Objevitel and the Museum of Discoveries Redefined the Market


Launching a new product into a highly competitive market presents a significant challenge for any marketer. Crafting a go-to-market strategy to rival the near-monopolistic position of established brands is an extraordinary task. For this daunting challenge, our client, Green Tree Distillery, selected our communication team for its expertise and innovative approach.

Tuzemák Objevitel arrives in the market as a premium domestic rum, reconnecting with its roots and reviving the original, authentic recipe. As the oldest producer, our client proudly upholds the rich tradition of Czech manufacturing, fearlessly facing competition and committed to delivering the best to consumers. Tuzemák Objevitel is designed for those unafraid to break from the norm, eager to explore new experiences, and discern what is genuinely superior.

In response, our Communications Division at Ex Duris, devised a campaign anchored in an unceasing desire to discover, understand new connections, and take pride in our heritage. We inaugurated the Museum of Discoveries - an online platform showcasing Czech discoveries and inventions that have garnered global recognition. This virtual museum invites visitors to explore the zenith of Czech intellect, which has profoundly influenced global history. It is a unique institution, a source of pride for every Czech citizen. Additionally, visitors can engage in a quiz to test their knowledge of Czech inventions.

We created a visually captivating world for the Objevitel, paying homage to the aesthetics of Karel Zeman's films, a leading Czech artist from the mid-20th century, whose work is beloved by Czechs from childhood. The integration of this artistic style with thematically engaging stories of Czechoslovak inventors quickly found its audience, who engage daily with the campaign.

Indeed, curiosity and pride in our forebears, who have achieved global renown, are potent attributes of Czech identity. This is further exemplified in the description of a contemporary invention like the bee hospital, which accompanied the launch of our new product variant, Objevitel MED, developed in collaboration with Czech beekeepers. Beekeeping is a prominent activity in the Czech Republic, boasting the highest representation globally. The MED variant has become exceptionally popular among consumers, as evidenced by its sales figures. This unexpected correlation has significantly contributed to our client sales successes.

Art Direction: FILIP NGUYEN
Design & Animation: MICHAEL RIHA
Campaign Management: BARBORA NEMRAVOVA


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