Strategic Alliance: Partnering with Capricorn, Early Space X Investors


Capricorn, an esteemed investment fund with over two decades of triumph in sustainable investing, has always believed that eco-friendly investment practices not only preserve our planet but also enhance risk-adjusted returns. This belief is rooted in a vision to unlock the immense potential of innovative commercial solutions addressing the world's critical challenges.

In this noteworthy partnership, our Czech-based company plays a pivotal role in amplifying Capricorn's mission and success story. We provide comprehensive communication services, ranging from crafting bespoke business presentation decks to managing nuanced internal communication strategies. This collaboration underlines our commitment to working with entities that prioritize environmental consciousness and strive to make a positive impact on the future.

Working hand in hand with an American partner like Capricorn highlights our ability to transcend geographical boundaries, bringing our expertise in communication and promotion to a global stage. This partnership is more than a business endeavor; it's a testament to our shared dedication to sustainable development and our belief in the power of responsible investment to shape a better world.

As we navigate daily interactions with our overseas partner, we are reminded of the importance of clear, impactful communication in driving forward the narrative of sustainability and innovation. Together with Capricorn, we are not just witnessing history in the making; we are actively participating in crafting a legacy of environmental stewardship and groundbreaking investment success.


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