We invest in ideas and companies that are working hard now to transform what is next

Ex Duris is a global innovation hub that builds companies, products and services that can't be ignored.

Ex Duris Gloria

Through the hard work comes the Glory

We believe in no shortcuts. Only profound experience, talent and exceptional effort can lead to outcomes that build better futures at scale.

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What does Ex Duris Gloria mean?
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Our network builds better futures

We invest into creativity, technology and craftsmanship to drive sustainable top-line growth.

Design & development

Independent creative firm comprising of designers, insightful strategists and exceptional developers.


Meet our rainbow range of smoothies and complete food drinks, packed with essential plant nutrients and bursting with flavor.

US market product

We proudly produce and bottle the first ever almond spirit from the USA. True craftsmanship, long term dedication and an unique nature inspired concept.

Shopify development

Millions of merchants trust Shopify to run their business—but they need developers to build the tools that help them achieve independence.

Design & development

For our US clients, Upglow brings the best in strategy, design and engineering to help you conceive, plan, test and build digital products from scratch.

Global product

Imagine having a digital tool that allows you to quickly test anything you need to check within your organisation.


Diversity and inclusivity
is in our DNA.

We strive to create a working environment that is responsive to different cultures. We are part of several programmes that encourage and enhance diversity both within the practice and the wider industry.


About Ex Duris

Our edge is in our experience working with alternatives, our investor experience, our devotion to the power of brand and our courage to think beyond the industry.

Time to leap

The services we provide are designed to change the trajectory of your marketing process, raise capital faster, keep it longer and increase the value of your brand.


We believe in no shortcuts. We put insights and hard work at the center of everything we do. We build companies, products & services that cant be ...